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September 2017 Recurrent Neural Networks for Linear B-Epitope Prediction in Antigens Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme, Faruk B. Akcesme, Muhamed Adilovic, Mehmet Can
September 2014 Regression Analysis to Predict the Secondary Structure of Proteins Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme, Faruk Berat Akcesme
September 2013 Report: State-of-the-Art DE-ghosting Algorithms for High Dynamic Range Imaging Abstract   PDF
Kanita Karadjuzovic-Hadziabdic, Jasminka Hasić-Telalović
September 2018 Risk Exposition of Prices in Agricultural Commodities Using Options and Futures Abstract   PDF
Jasmina Karabegovic
September 2015 Secondary Structure and Neighbor Preferences of Amino Acids Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme, Mehmet Can
September 2015 Secondary Structure Segments are Much More Conserved than Primary Sequence Segments Abstract   PDF
Faruk Berat Akcesme, Mehmet Can
September 2017 Semi- Markov processes in labor market theory: The case of Switzerland Abstract   PDF
Narela Spaseski
September 2014 Soft computing & increasing efficiency of extracting data from SAP ERP Abstract   PDF
Adnan Akagic, Edin Hodzic
March 2014 Some Extensions to Classic Lotka-Volterra Modeling For Predator Prey Applications Abstract   PDF
Migdat Hodzic
March 2016 Structural Bioinformatics Analysis On Diabetes Associated Proteins Abstract   PDF
Elif Colak
March 2013 Study Of HbA1c As A Reliable Indicator For Metabolic Syndrome In Non Diabetic Patients Abstract   PDF
Jasmin Sutkovic, Venesa Abdic-Nekic
March 2016 Support Vector Machines for Predicting Protein Structural Classes via Pseudo Images Derived From Amino Acid Sequences Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme, Mehmet Can
March 2019 Taxonomic Classification of Bacteria Using Common Substrings Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can, Osman Gürsoy
March 2012 Teaching Neural Networks to Classify the Authors of Texts Abstract   PDF
Kanita Karadjuzovic-Hadziabdic
March 2012 Teaching Neural Networks to Detect the Authors of Texts Using Lexical Descriptors Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can
March 2017 The Analysis of Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Their Relation with Organizational Commitment Abstract   PDF
Gokce Demir
March 2013 The Effect of Tamoxifen Treatment During 24 Months On Alkaline Phosphatase Concentration In Breast Cancer Patients Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme
March 2018 The Gut-Brain Axis in Foetal-Maternal Relationship Abstract   PDF
Lejla Mahmutovic
March 2015 The Impact of Mspca Signal De-Noising In Real-Time Wireless Brain Computer Interface System Abstract   PDF
Jasmin Kevric, Abdulhamit Subasi
March 2017 The Significance of Using Ict in Telemetric Monitoring, Process Weighing and Control of The Coal Abstract   PDF
Adis Rahmanovic, Muzafer Saracevic
March 2012 Three Variable Cancer Angiogenesis models Abstract   PDF
Faruk Berat Akcesme
March 2014 Title Grey Predictor Reference Model For Assisting Particle Swarm Optimization Abstract   PDF
Migdat Hodzic
March 2019 Transfer Learning Utilization for Banknote Recognition: a Comparative Study Based on Bosnian Currency Abstract   PDF
Ali Abd Almisreb, Mohamed A. Saleh
September 2012 UML modeling for traveling salesman problem based on genetic algorithms Abstract   PDF
Muzafer Saračević, Sead Mašović, Šemsudin Plojović
September 2013 Usage of Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP for improvement of classification performances Abstract   PDF
Emina Alickovic, Abdulhamit Subasi
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