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September 2016 Gender Segregation in Employment in Bosnian and Herzegovinian Labor Market Abstract   PDF
Azra Bico
September 2013 Gene Expression Data Clustering Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme
March 2014 Genetic Algorithms for the Synthesis of Circular Microstrip Ring Antenna Abstract   PDF
Tarik Namas, Fuat Kelesoglu
March 2020 Genomic Signal Processing Techniques for Taxonomy Prediction Abstract   PDF
Osman Gursoy, Mehmet Can
September 2014 Genotoxicity analysis of Fromilid and Methotrexate using Allium test Abstract   PDF
Merisa Cenanovic
Vol 12, No 1 High Frequency Compact Microstrip Low Pass Filter Abstract   PDF
Merjem Skula, Ismeta Gafić, S. Taha Imeci
Vol 11, No 1 (2022) High Frequency Dualband Microstrip Bandstop Filter Abstract   PDF
Harun Fazlagić, Aladin Mujagić, Şehabeddin Taha İmeci, Ahmet Fehim Uslu
March 2015 Historical Criteria for Structural Classes of Proteins in Percentages: After 20 Years Abstract   PDF
Betul Akcesme, Mehmet Can
September 2014 Human chromosome classification using competitive support vector machine teams Abstract   PDF
Ali Osman Kusakci, Sadina Gagula-Palalic
September 2017 Hydrophilicity of Linear B-Epitopes Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can
March 2019 Hypervariable Regions in 16S rRNA Genes for the Taxonomic Classification Abstract   PDF
Osman Gursoy, Mehmet Can
March 2020 Implementation Of Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) For User Authentication Based On Keystroke Dynamics Abstract   PDF
Admir Ferhatovic, Ali Abd Almisreb, Sherzod Turaev, Mohammed A Saleh
Vol 10, No 1 Implementing a Students’ Survey System in Iraqi Universities: A Case Study in Basra University Abstract   PDF
Maysaa Abd Ulkareem Naser, Mohammed Imad Ahmed, Alaa Khalaf Hamoud
September 2015 In Vivo Genotoxicity Testing Of Vitamin C And Naproxen Sodium Using Plant Bioassay Abstract   PDF
Merisa Cenanovic, Camil Durakovic
September 2017 Inferring Protein Function from Structure Abstract   PDF
Maida Ljubijankic
March 2014 Intelligent Memory Allocation based on Fuzzy Logic Abstract   PDF
Alma Husagic Selman, Ali Aburas, Suvad Selman
September 2016 Intergeneration Social Mobility as a Markov Process Abstract   PDF
Narela Spaseski, Indira Hasanovic
September 2014 Internet of Things: Current Technological Review and New Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Protocol Proposal Abstract   PDF
Indira Muhic, Migdat Hodzic
March 2013 Intrusion Detection System using Fuzzy Logic Abstract   PDF
Alma Husagic Selman
March 2012 Inventory Control Using Fuzzy Dynamic Programming Abstract   PDF
Sadina Gagula-Palalic
March 2019 Investigation Of 16S rRNA Gene And Gene Segments For The Determination Of Probiotics Abstract   PDF
Amar Cosic, Altijana Hromic Jahjefendic
September 2013 JAVA Implementation for Triangulation of Convex Polygon Based on Lukasiewicz’s Algorithm and Binary Trees Abstract   PDF
Muzafer Saračević, Sead H.Mašović, Danijela G. Milošević
Vol 11, No 2 Kazakh Text Generation using Neural Bag-of-Words Model for Sentiment Analysis Abstract   PDF
Assel Nurlybayeva, Ali Abd Almisreb, Syamimi Mohd Norzeli, Musab A. M. Ali
September 2012 Leaf Area Assessment By Image Analysis Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Can, Osman Gursoy, Betul Akcesme, Faruk Berat Akcesme
September 2013 Localization of the epileptogenic foci using Support Vector Machine Abstract   PDF
Samed Jukic, Abdulhamit Subasi
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