Supervised Learning Algorithms in Educational Data Mining: A Systematic Review

Alaa Khalaf, Jasim Mohammed Dahr, Ihab Ahmed Najim, Mohammed B. M. Kamel, Ali Salah Hashim, Wid Aqeel Awadh, Aqeel Majeed Humadi


The academic institutions always looking for tools that improve their performance and enhance individuals outcomes. Due to the huge ability of data mining to explore hidden patterns and trends in the data, many researchers paid attention to Educational Data Mining (EDM) in the last decade. This field explores different types of data using different algorithms to extract knowledge that supports decision-making and academic sector development. The researchers in the field of EDM have proposed and adopted different algorithms in various directions. In this review, we have explored the published papers between 2010-2020 in the libraries (IEEE, ACM, Science Direct, and Springer) in the field of EDM are to answer review questions. We aimed to find the most used algorithm by researchers in the field of supervised machine learning in the period of 2010-2020. Additionally, we explored the most direction in the EDM and the interest of the researchers. During our research and analysis, many limitations have been examined and in addition to answering the review questions, some future works have been presented.


Educational Data Mining; Supervised Learning Algorithms; Supervised Methods; Systematic Literature Review

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