Application Of Machine Learning In Healthcare: Analysis On MHEALTH Dataset

Muhammed Ali Kutlay, Sadina Gagula-Palalic


The healthcare services in developed and developing countries are critically important. The use of machine learning techniques in healthcare industry has a vital importance and increases rapidly. The corporations in healthcare sector need to take advantage of the machine learning techniques to obtain valuable data that could later be used to diagnose diseases at much earlier stages. In this study, a research is conducted with the purpose of discovering further use of the machine learning techniques in healthcare sector. Research was conducted by analyzing a well-established dataset called MHEALTH, comprising body motion and vital signs recordings for ten volunteers of diverse profile while performing 12 physical activities. Dataset was analyzed using certain classification algorithms such as Multilayer Perceptron and Support Vector Machine, then results from these algorithms were compared to determine the most utile algorithm for analyzing such dataset. Study aims to determine irregularities using data from body motion and vital signs of volunteers, then these findings can be used either to diagnose particular diseases before they occur and avoid them. Results can also be used to monitor movements of ill or elderly people and observe whether they are doing any prohibited movements that would lead them to injuries or further illnesses.


healthcare; machine learning techniques; movements; vital signals; diagnosis; mobile health

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