A High Frequency Dualband Microstrip Bandpass Filter

Amra Gušo, Şehabeddin Taha İmeci, Ahmet Fehim Uslu


This paper is a representation of compact microstrip bandpass filter. In this design, two ports are located at the bottom. The basic geometry of this design consists of small thin metal lines that connect the main parts of the design. It operates at 6GHz with S11 of -11,9643dB, S12 of -1.05358. When frequency is 11GHz with S11 of -16,6695dB and S12 at -2,0354dB. Overall features of the design are given in the tables. All of the simulations are done in Sonnet. This design offers a reduction in the size of up to 57% compared to the conventional design. Overall this design offers unique reduction in size as well as good operational capacity.


Power divider; FR4; microstrip; simulation software

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/scjournal.v11i1.226


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