Zeka - Friendy Chatterbot

Rialda Spahic, Dzana Basic, Emina Yaman


The idea of chatbots firstly appeared in the 1960s. But only after more than half a century passed the world became ready for their implementation into the real life, this being a result of the rapid progress in natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and the global presence of text messaging applications. Today, specialized chatbots exist in different domains, thus helping organizations handle large amount of inquiries. Idea of this project was to develop one friendly chatbot with whom you can talk about politics, movies, weather, sport, emotions and similar everyday things. Friendly chatbot named Zeka, is a web-based chatbot developed with the help of Chatterbot library. Chatbot relies on different natural processing and machine learning algorithms altered by its developers to increase its performance.


natural language processing; chatbots; artificial intelligence

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21533/scjournal.v8i1.170


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