Assessment of Accuracies of Protein 3-Dimensional Prediction Software

Rijad Gosto


Protein 3-dimensional structure prediction is determination of the 3-dimensional structure of a protein from its amino acid sequence by using protein structure prediction software. By understanding protein’s 3-dimensional structure, we should be able to figure out the function of the said protein. We already have several protein prediction software, but the purpose of this study is to determine how accurate they are, and if the results presented are true and to what extent. To determine how accurate protein 3-dimensional structure prediction software are, we compared x-ray crystallography determined protein structures to software predicted 3-dimensonal protein structures. All of the software used showed good accuracy, and according to our results, “i-Tasser” software was the most accurate, closely followed by RaptorX.


Protein 3-dimensional structure prediction; 3D prediction software; SWISS-MODEL; Phyre2; RaptorX; i-Tasser; CPHmodels

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