Computational Geometry Applications

Aybeyan Selimi, Muzafer Saracevic


Computational geometry is an integral part of mathematics and computer science deals with the algorithmic solution of geometry problems. From the beginning to today, computer geometry links different areas of science and techniques, such as the theory of algorithms, combinatorial and Euclidean geometry, but including data structures and optimization. Today, computational geometry has a great deal of application in computer graphics, geometric modeling, computer vision, and geodesic path, motion planning and parallel computing. The complex calculations and theories in the field of geometry are long time studied and developed, but from the aspect of application in modern information technologies they still are in the beginning. In this research is given the applications of computational geometry in polygon triangulation, manufacturing of objects with molds, point location, and robot motion planning.


Computer graphics,triangulation of polygon,linear optimization,point location and motion planning

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