The Analysis of Transformational Leadership Behaviors and Their Relation with Organizational Commitment

Gokce Demir


This study aims to analyze transformational leadership behaviors and its relation with organizational commitment in high school managers and teachers in Istanbul, Turkey. The effect of transformational leadership on organizational commitment was investigated in the study. In this context, some research questions were created and a literature review was performed. Some specific hypothesis statement was developed, tested, and finalized. Quantitative research design was applied in this research with cross-sectional time frame. Convenience sampling method was used in the study. Data was obtained from 135 participants. The population of the study comprised teachers, principals, study program coordinators, managers, administrators and other staff from nine public high schools in Istanbul, Turkey. A structured self-completed quantitative research survey was conducted in this study which was distributed to the participants of the study and collected in two months. The main research instrument for data collection in this study was a survey with five descriptive and 11 inferential statistics questions. In this research, quantitative survey was the main instrument for primary data collection which was designed in a “5” and “7” - point Likert’s scale. The data was analyzed with SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) version 20. The research questions and a hypothesis were developed for the study which were tested with Chi square, correlations, and t-test. Null hypothesis (H0) was rejected (p<0.05) and so, the study found that transformational leadership of high school managers is significantly related to affective commitment of high school teachers in Istanbul.


Transformational Leadership; Managers; Teachers; Organizational Commitment; High Schools

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