Authorship Authentication for Twitter Messages Using Support Vector Machine

Nesibe Merve Demir


With the rapid growth of internet usage, authorship authentication of online messages became challenging research topic in the last decades. In this paper, we used a team of support vector machines to authenticate 5 Twitter authors’ messages. SVM is one of the commonly used and strong classification algorithms in authorship attribution problems. SVM maps the linearly non separable input data to a higher dimensional space by a hyperplane via radial base functions. Firstly using the training data, 10 hyperplanes that separate pair wise five authors training data are built. Then the expertise of these SVMs combined to classify the testing data into five classes. 20 tweets with 16 features from each author were used for evaluation. In spite of the randomly choice of the features, one of the author accuracy around 75% is achieved.


Authorship attribution; Artificial Intelligent; support vector machine (SVM); short texts

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