Some Extensions to Classic Lotka-Volterra Modeling For Predator Prey Applications

Migdat Hodzic


In this paper we present some specific cases of the classic Nonlinear Lotka-Volterra (NLV) approach to modeling predator-prey dynamic systems [1,5], and propose to implement them using "mathematical" (Matlab) approach as well as "ad-hoc" approach using Agent Based Modeling (implemented using NetLogo modeling environment), [6].   Examples of various scenarios are introduced in a gradual way, from simpler to more complex ones. The emphasis is given to gaining insight into predator-prey relationship, as well as some structural results [2,3] as applied to classic complex systems modeling and control, as well as understanding stability in multispecies communities. The paper sets the scene for further research using NLV (mathematical) and ABM (ad-hoc) models. With this "parallel" approach we hope to address some classic problems such as Gause's Law and Paradox of the Plankton,  Paradox of Enrichment (system level instability), Oksanen's description and trophic level numbers,  and other current Complex Systems paradigms such as adaptivity, emergence, etc..

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